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Using the I Ching In Psychic Reading
Using the I Ching In Psychic Reading

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The Marble Method of using the I Ching is one unique way of psychic reading. The one seeking information, writes the question on a piece of paper and the reader, using a bag of 16 marbles, draws one marble for each line of two 6 line hexagrams. Each time a marble is drawn, the color is noted and the marble is returned to the bag before the next draw. This builds up both hexagrams at the same time, the primary figure and the relating figure. The primary figure is the answer to the question, and the relating figure is more information on the situation surrounding the question. There is also a significance in the lines from one to the other.

The open and closed lines of the 2 hexagrams are read from a flow of energy starting at the bottom and extending to the top- earth to sky.

A few meanings when reading the I Ching:

– Shake: At first the energy is still, and then flows freely.

– Penetrating: The flow enters freely, and then slows when the way is closed by marbles. This means the energy is able to penetrate the space but it is at a slower rate.

– Radiance: The flow of energy is at first restricted, then released, and further restricted. This creates an energy pool between the two constricted lines, known as radiance.

– Field: The flow is not restricted and energy is able to pass through from bottom to top. This signifies movement and is a sign of healing and recovery.

– Open: The flow of energy is slowed down by a block in the first two lines. From the third line to the top the way is clear. The energy is moving toward the outside.

– Force: Lines are all restricted. The flow of energy is under pressure, which causes force to be applied in the world.

– Gorge: Energy begins to flow and then is restricted, then begins to flow once more. This signifies an unexpected disruption in the flow of energy or an upheaval of some sort.

– Bound: Just as the word implies, the energy flows for two lines and then it is restricted and pools at the beginning. This signifies limits and stillness.

The psychic reader will be able to sense feelings from this divination tool. This will take the reading to a deeper level and make for a powerful psychic reading.

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